Sex Wellness D2C
Refinement, Simple, New emotions, Eco-friendly, Privacy
We help people around the world to love themselves,
caring for their health, pleasure and enjoyment
Characteristics of target group

WOMEN of 25-45, self-love, wellness lovers
EARNINGS: middle/upper middle class, 60.000$/year
SHOPPING BEHAVIOR: They prefer natural products that are health-oriented but sensual, tactile and fun. Eco-ethically aware, demanding transparency from brands both in terms of values and production. They are not inclined to study the brand in detail, they choose rather intuitively, but are pretentious in design
CHARACTER: The main goal is to accept yourself in your own skin, to understand the needs of your physical features. For them, sex, wellness and body care are linked together. They are skeptical about “couch” experts

Our Brand Concept

We improve sexual health by creating an atmosphere of intimacy, using unique safe products that reveal a world of life-changing vivid sensations.



•The brand helps to expand and deepen the sensory part of life, focus on your body and true pleasure


•Balanced assortment
•Proven technology
•Safe formulations for health
•Ergonomic, pleasant and attractive packaging


•Natural and close to natural formulations
•Modern minimalist design at an average price
•Comfortable and high quality textures and materials

•Intuitive products that give you a different perspective on self-care


•Convenient, stylish and well thought-out packaging made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials
•Products covering a wide range of needs


•Open production information
•High product quality, confirmed by tests
•Direct and honest communication

•The opportunity to be part of the community
•Support for feminism, LGBTQ + communities, body positive

Products and Packaging


Gender neutral positioning
Soft smooth lines
Natural expensive materials (stones, metals, wood, glass)
Modern intuitive interactive website (glossier)
Sensual and minimalistic, but not vulgar content

Communicative primary and secondary packaging inside and outside
Recycled / eco materials
No "extra" packaging
Increased packaging sensing
Gender neutral design
Unique design but classic shape
High-quality packaging materials close to the luxury segment

Our philosophy is that sexuality and pleasure are valuable and deserve respect.

A self-care brand
We start with 7 products:

  1. Lubricant
  2. Intimate gel wash
  3. Liquid hand soap
  4. Intimate wipes
  5. Bath foam
  6. Body oil
  7. Aroma candle

Our ANNUAL order is planned for about 30000 pcs per each product.
The FIRST order is 1 000 pcs per product.

All products have natural or close to natural formulations and FDA-approved/ recyclable packaging.

Secondary packaging options (pending question):

1) Standard paper box
soft-touch material
skin color, beige color

2) Cylindrical paper box with thick walls
upper part - matte black cover
lower part - skin color, beige color
We try to be friends with our partners, so we are happy to answer your questions.