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Your week checklist No.1

1. One good deed a day

Kindness is rare nowadays, but it’s very important for any relationship. Try to be nice, support each other, respect all goals and wishes. Grand gestures are always great, but a cup of coffee served by your partner in the morning can make you happy for the entire day.

2. Plan your date nights

Once a month or less often, as you both wish. Sooner or later many couples drown in daily routines, work, childcare, etc. and forget what dates are. Try to find time for just the two of you, not being distracted by gadgets or other trivia. Don’t wait for the initiative from your partner – take a step yourself!

3. Have sex more often

It happens that you both get tired and ‘no’ becomes a usual word, especially when it’s about sex. Sex is essential for your relationship, so, it’s time to change the situation.

4. Have fun together

It’s said that couples who laugh together stay together longer. Make jokes that just the two of you get. Try making your partner smile more often. These little things are really important.

5. Don’t interrupt

One if the basic rules of communication is unfortunately constantly forgotten: listen till the end. Many people hasten to live so they try to finish dialogues as quickly as possible and finish up their partner’s speech. If you both have this habit, one of you should stop, then the second one will stop doing it too.

6. A two-week kindness course

Do 2 nice things a day for him for two weeks. It can be anything - a sincere compliment, some pleasant trifle, a sudden kiss or unexpected support.

8. Don’t bring aggression home

If you both noticed that when communicating you raise your voice without serious reasons, it means that it’s time to stop! The fact that your boss yells at you at work doesn’t mean you should do the same at home.

9. Be honest

Life is too short to spend it on lies, including the ones to yourself. Speak frankly about your feelings, use “I” in your sentences and your relationship will slowly improve for both of you.

10. Say “I love you” every day