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Safe sexting guide

Even if you sext a person you trust 100 percent, you aren’t protected from a data leak, hacking, other people’s access, etc.

That’s why you risk when exchanging intimate photos. We suggest a few rules that can make your sexting safer

When we open to any sexual relationships it’s definitely a risk. It also refers to intimate photos/videos exchange. Becoming more and more popular nowadays sexting can be a great way of maintaining long-distance relationships or it can shake up our sex life. We should keep in mind that any information sent to the Net leaves a digital track, and if you don’t want to take the risk of your images becoming public, you simply shouldn’t sext. For those, who are ready for it, here are a few rules that can make sexting safer.

Partner’s approval. Sexting is two-way communication. So, it should be acceptable for both partners. If a person sends unwanted messages or not requested pictures to someone else without his/her consent, it’s not texting, it’s harassment. If you like exchanging intimate photos with strangers, make sure the recipient isn’t under-age.
Use nicknames. To protect yourself and your partner, save him under a different name in your contact list and ask him/her to do the same.

No faces in the photos. Faces shouldn’t appear in the pictures. Your partner may want to receive it all at once. But you’d better crop pictures to keep just certain body parts or use masks. These recommendations apply to body marks that may reveal your personality – tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.

Appropriate background. The background should be as neutral as possible. You may create a special photo corner for shooting. For savvy viewers, it won’t be difficult to figure you out by your interior design details or the view from your window.

Agree on place and time. Study or work may be boring at times and sexting can brighten it up. However, if something goes out of control and your colleague or classmate sees your partner’s sexy photos, it cannot just cause embarrassment but it can cost you a career.

Avoid drunk sexting. Alcohol cuts us loose, that’s why there’s a high risk of doing something you wouldn’t do being sober, as alcohol blocks awareness and consciousness. Best case scenario you will make typos or misspell words. Worst case – you can break safety rules.

Ensure data security. Delete photos after sending and don’t forget about connected devices. Remember where you keep images taken by phone camera. Is there a reserve copy on the Internet? Are there other apps, like Google Photos, that copy your pictures? Some apps provide services of sending photos that will be automatically deleted after viewing, like secret chats. Use your own devices only. Turn 2 phase authentication (2FA) everywhere possible. With this option on a hacker won’t be able to get access to your account by simply using a password.

Trust. You should certainly trust your partner. When you sext him/her you give them absolute authority. You should be sure that no one else will have access to your communication.
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